Magnetic V-Block

Magnetic V-Block - MV Series

Magnetic V-Block has magnetic force, which can be used for attracting round or 450 workpieces on grinding machines or to draw lines.

.Used for security works of various shapes as in light-cutting operations such as grinding, bring, tapping, etc.
.Powerful magnetic force functions on all 3 faces off upper base and V-shaped faces.
.The holder can also be used for inspection work 2 types of precision, standard and special class are available.
.Magnetic force is easily changeable simply by lever operation.


Magnetic V-Block V Series

The raw material is steel and aluminum alloy.

Magnetic V-Block - KMV Series

Magnetic V-Block - KY Series

Most suitable as a holding fixture for measuring and marking off operations.

Attraction is available on the upper face both sides face and V-faces.
Capable of measuring in high precision by holding the measuring works without deranging it.
Finished in high precision.


The material is steel and copper.

The material is steel and aluminum alloy.