Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Electric power is only used for a few seconds in the MAG (activation) and DEMAG (de-activation) phases: during processing the workpiece is held exclusively by the force of the high-energy permanent magnets that surround each of the square generator poles on 5 faces. The system is insensitive to possible current failures and is therefore “intrinsically” safe. The absence of consumption enables energy to be saved and the clamping surface to be maintained in a “cold” condition with no deformations or expansions. The force of the magnets remains constant indefinitely.

Workpieces material, air-gap, pole extension to the holding power.

Curves for stock removal / surface conditions
A = milled
B = rough-sized
C = stamped / rolled
D = shell casting
E = sand casting
Q max = maximum stock removal mm3/min
Curves for stock removal / extensions height

Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck Models

The customised solution for every kind of processing

Face milling and lateral drilling

Milling multiple coupled parts

Flattening,through drilling and pocket execution

Boring and contouring on castings

Three-dimensional die machining

Round bar facing and slots drilling

Machining forged parts on tombstone

Plates machining on right angle

Machining multiple parts lined up

Edge milling and chamfering

Standard Supply:
1. Electro-permanent module with waterproof rapid connector,side fixing slots, hook holes and circular swivelling stops.
2. CMAG/DEMAG push-button.
3. Power supply cable 3 m long (without power connector).
4. Reinforced waterproof discharge cable (3 m).
5. Machine PLC interface and safety connector.
6. Remote control (RC).
7. Instruction manual.

1. Longer cables.
2. Pole extensions.